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About Renerso Technologies

Renerso technologies is one of the preferred partner for providing customized renewable energy & information technology solutions to customers with varied demands. Renerso has a highly qualified and experienced entrepreneurial team of engineers who seek to address the gap in the demand and supply of energy in India through modern applications of solar PV.  The team is highly adept at evaluating the needs of the customers and then developing products and systems to meet the same.

Renerso has a committed management team, with strong conviction, technical expertise & extensive cross-functional experience, providing high quality products & solutions to its clients, which have helped Renerso to offer unique advantage in the Industry.


Our Mission & Vision

To become a Leader in offering eco-friendly renewable energy Solar Energy solutions and devices with International Quality and contribute significantly for the regeneration of Pollution free Environment.

To be identified as the Industry Leader in Design, Marketing & Sales of Power related products, services and total solutions in Electro-Mechanical Engineering field.


Why Choose Us

Renerso delivers products of highest quality to customers and clients. We constantly strive to meet and exceed the quality standards prescribed by the industry through implementation of robust quality management systems. Achieving customer satisfaction is the key to our success.