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Solar Water Heating Systems

Our solar water heater are of highest quality and best price. We provide warranty and sales support to meet the highest standards. Experienced installation staff with many major projects. Use the enquiry form to get in touch.


Benefits of Solar Water Heaters                

  • Daily hot water upto 80 ͦC and better performance in winter and cloudy days.
  • No Scale formation and No pipe blockage will occur by using salt and hard water.
  • Compressed PUF insulated storage tank to retain the Hot water for more than 48hrs.
  • Inner Tank made of High grade stainless steel used in marine application.
  • Non welded technology used for making inner tank to completely avoid inner tank
  • Suitable for bore well water and hard water usage.
  • Silicon rubber seal has no poison or smell encountered unlike cheaper and inferior
    models. The water is kept clean at all times. This product has a long life expectancy
    and capable of resisting higher temperatures.
  • Extra Auxiliary tank is fitted instead of air vent, withstands high pressure of cold
    water also minimize mixing of Hot and Cold water.


Broadly there are two types of solar heaters:

Evacuated Tube Solar Water Heating Systems

Flat Plate Solar Water Heating Systems